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Duty rates.

Important Information

NZ Duty and GST

NZ Customs charges — imported goods

Imported goods, such as those purchased on eBay and other international websites, are subject to the payment of duty and/or GST.

Regardless of whether the imported goods incurred taxes in the country of purchase or not, it does not exempt the importer from the payment of New Zealand duty and/or GST.

NZ customs also charge an admin fee of NZD $40.77 + GST – This also includes a biosecurity risk screening levy of NZD $12.77 collected by Customs on behalf of MPI Biosecurity New Zealand

Ministry for Primary Industries

New Zealand MPI currently requires us to have every container fumigated when arriving in New Zealand due to a stink bug outbreak in the USA – effective 24/12/14. The charge for fumigation is NZD $180.00 per motor vehicle.

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