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Importing to New Zealand

Important Information

Legalities and Taxes

Important Importing, Tax and MPI Rules
New Zealand has many legal requirements for the importation of any motor vehicle. It's critical to know about importation rules, documentation, tax and biosecurity requirements before you import a car to ensure a smooth transation into New Zealand.
If you want to import a motor vehicle privately or commercially into New Zealand, it's your responsibility to prove that you're legally entitled to the vehicle and that it meets New Zealand safety and emissions requirements. These requirements depend on the type of vehicle, the date of manufacture, and the country from which it is being imported.

In general, motor vehicles and motorcycles are free from tariff duty and only subject to a goods and services tax of 15 percent.
This fact sheet contains information on what Customs charges to expect and how the Customs charges are calculated, along with summary information on GST, valuations, depreciation and other things you should know before importing a car into NZ.   Visit this site...

New Zealand has legal requirements for the importation of any motor vehicle.
This NZTA infosheet tells you where to find the requirements that apply to your vehicle.   Visit this site...

Most left-hand drive vehicles have to be converted to right-hand drive (RHD) before they can be driven on New Zealand roads. (vehicles over 20 years old or owned and operated for 90 days outside NZ may be exempt)
Before going to the expense of importing a LHD vehicle, you should check very carefully that your vehicle is either exempt or is capable of being converted to RHD. Otherwise, you may find it impossible to use the vehicle on New Zealand roads.   Visit this site...

Information on what's required for obtaining Customs clearance for your new import.
Kiwi Shipping will assist you with this process, however it's always a good idea to know what's required to ensure you are aware of the process.   Visit this site...

All used vehicles entering New Zealand are required to be inspected, and if necessary cleaned (at your cost), prior to final release by MAF Quarantine Service.
All used vehicles and equipment will, in the first instance, be examined for the presence of quarantine material. This includes the inspection of all internal and external surfaces and spaces to determine the presence of soil, plant material, insects or other contaminants.   Visit this site...