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Important Information

Buying From The USA

The US is the biggest consumer market in the world, you can buy almost anything you can imagine. Its ‘kid in a candy store’ stuff! As with any good opportunity there are risks, so we’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls and keep you happy and safe buying from the USA.

Many suppliers in the USA will not ship overseas. They have 315 million potential customers in the US so they don’t want the hassle of dealing with foreign customers. That’s where we come in - we know it’s easier than they think! We can act as your local US address and receive your orders from one or more suppliers and then ship it all when you’re ready.

With Kiwi Shipping you now have a contact on US soil. Some private sellers are wary of offshore buyers, we’re just a local phone call away from a seller who may be spooked by dealing with someone from outside the States. We can arrange pick up, and in some cases the inspection of, and payment for, items in the US. We’re used to working with sellers in the US on behalf of clients back home.

There are hundreds of professional companies and honest private sellers across the US that want your business and will be a pleasure to deal with. But there are some who will take your money faster than they ship your product, and some downright scammers. Check all feedback, use Google to verify addresses and check reviews. Some sellers aren’t scammers, they’re just not as quick as you’d like. Online sales and auction site like or can throw up some great gear, but each site has warnings that scams are out there and you need to know the signs. Beware of offers to use eBay, Google or DMV payment schemes, Western Union money transfers, offers to ship a car as part of the price, or stories they are overseas and selling the item for a friend! These are red flags that it’s probably is a scam. Use the phone, if you can talk to a real person you’ve eliminated 90% of the scammers. Remember the old adage - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As Kiwi’s here in the US we know how daunting it can seem for first time buyers, so we’re here to help!