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Import from USA to New Zealand

We get your international goods home quickly and easily.


What we do

We manage the shipping and import of vehicles and goods from USA to New Zealand.

Cars, motorcycles, any type of vehicle, automotive parts, boats, jet skis, BBQ’s, homeware, consumer goods – you name it! If you buy it in the USA we will ship it from the USA to you in New Zealand. We do it quickly, cost effectively, and make the whole import process easy.

How It Works.....

Who we are

Kiwi Shipping is a USA based team of Kiwi’s with years of experience in exporting cars, motorcycles and your shopping all around the world.

Our dedicated Los Angeles team of Kiwis offer years of experience and the knowledge and systems to ship your goods home – without surprises, or breaking the bank. The team in New Zealand ensure your goods are cleared through NZ Customs and MPI are and available to you as soon as possible after arrival.

Why Use Us.....